My footprint

I hold dysgraphia and might not read between the lines due to Autism. 
However, more than that I'm curious, persistent and optimistic person.

My profile

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Hirotaro Nonaka

2001〜2017  Osaka,Chiba Japan

2017〜2019  HCM Vietnam

2019〜         Yangon Myanmar

Education Background

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ROCKET project by University of Tokyo

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2014: 1st gen member of ROCKET Project
2013: 14th gen member of DO-IT Japan Project

My Journey

Travel gives me much valuable inspiration.
Life on people... education, medication, culture, religion and history.

CAS Project

Humanity have cooperate from the first place. The main differences between Neanderthal and Homo sapience is ability of communication.
We could make mutual understanding, and achieve huger result.

My Gallery

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